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‘Digital’ is the new mantra. Every aspect of customers lives are impacted more or less by digitalization. With advancements in technology and the human psyche, there is now an increased need for automation, new ways of working and higher levels of security for data. In order to meet these challenges, the DAS operators need a solution that must switch efficiently from analogue to digital and maintain network feasibility information. It should enhance collection efficiency and manage revenue sharing with Third-Party partners.

Ezycabledigi is a digital subscriber management and billing solution for the broadcasting industry. It significantly balances the cost complexity by reducing the costs of ownership, boosting service levels and maintaining the efficiency of the process.

Product highlights

  • Flexibility to integrate with multiple features and adaptable to meet government norms for the broadcasting industry.
  • Partner management & Settlements.
  • Extensive contract management.
  • Automates services provisioning and de-provisioning
  • MSO/LCO management via specific portals to manage operations independently
  • Reporting- broadcaster wise reports, aging reports, etc.
  • Integration with multiple CA systems (Simulcrypt)
  • Automated billing