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Sandeep Reddy–Co-Founder & Managing Director: Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. This famous quote of Sir Winston Churchill aptly describes Sandeep's work-life approach. His discerning interest to listening makes him be ‘all ears’ to anything interesting.

He has graduated in engineering (BE - Electronics) from CBIT Hyderabad, India and obtained an MS in Management Information Systems from Univ. of South Florida (Tampa). Having worked in global corporations, he groomed himself into developing a global perspective of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. The work in the three projects with two companies that stayed associated with Research In Motion of Blackberry, once a rage in the mobile technologies, and their eventual achievement of patents provided a great satisfaction.

He floated Xtreme Technical Solutions in Dallas Fort Worth, Tx, USA. This software consulting company was eventually acquired.

As a continuation, Sandeep has co-founded ITP, a software solutions and CRM provider for the entire hierarchy of digital cable TV operators distribution systems in India with Hyderabad as its headquarters. With 10+ years of expertise in Pay TV segment, Sandeep stays focused on the changing trends in the Pay-TV industry and works on the solution enhancements towards other delivery models for OTT/VOD/IPTV/ISPs.

Nithin Devireddy–Co-Founder: Entrepreneurial streak isn’t nurtured by Nithin Devireddy. It’s in his nature. Having studied Civil Engineering (KLCE), Nithin builds institutions that are robust and strong. A serial entrepreneur in the true sense of the word, Nithin never loses sight on the focus of the institution he embarks on the building. His indefatigable effort to make an entity success in its entirety comes from the core of his heart.

In his entrepreneurial journey, he imbibed within himself a great quality of seeing things from the other way. A psychological reverse-engineering, if it can be called so, is what he applies to ensure the success of his business. He looks at customers’ problems by stepping into their shoes, and employee ordeals by wearing their glasses.

Nihtin has led innovation from the front in the Pay-TV industry for 15 long years with experience spanning across Pay-TV, OTT, Broadcast Service Delivery, IPTV and Subscriber Management System. He is Co-founder of ITPSoftware India Pvt Ltd.

He has worked closely with leading operators offering them cutting edge solutions in reaching out to the end user. A civil engineer by training, Nithin has led R&D, network operations and product management along with customer facing groups such as service delivery, support and sales development.

Dasarath B Reddy-CTO: An Information Technology professional with over 20 years of experience in managing Application Systems roll-out, he manages the entire Technology function of ITP in Pay-TV domain.

His In-depth understanding of Pay-TV domain needs and overall technology domain knowledge covering Infrastructure, Information Security, application systems and their inter-dependencies has enabled the IT backbone of ITP become robust. His extensive experience in Mobile technologies, Digitization strategies and implementation come in handy to help address customer needs.

Sudha Dasari-COO: Eschewing the culture of an associate with a large corporate, Cognizant Technology Services (CTS), a software services bellwether in its own right, she passionately embraced start-up culture.

As a hardcore techie, she wrote code. Passionately, in that. Never was exhausted writing code. As an Airforce daughter, she understands the pains and pleasures, wishes and vagaries of people of all hues.

Graduating in instrumentation from the prestigious Bapatla College of Engineering, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India, Sudha takes care of the end-to-end operations of ITP.

Career at CTS provided necessary exposure, some level of expertise, and the experience became the bedrock for her subsequent forays into non-techie roles with core technology companies, be it Kogentix or ITP

Gomender Singh–CEO–International Business: Gomender Singh is a management graduate, who is highly enthusiastic sales professional having more than 20 years of experience in the IT Industry of which around 5 years in Pay-Tv Industry. Typical of a thorough professional, Gomender competes with himself in positioning the products & services he is making the pitch for.

As CEO - International Business at ITP, Gomender marshals his expertise in heading Sales, Business Development & Marketing Operations for Pay TV domain in global markets. With his close-to-two-decade-long career & adding reputed Client names from the Middle East, Africa & Europe region, he maintains excellent customer relationship and professionals in the industry. Strong connects & relationship with his Technology Partners, System Integrators & other Eco System Partners, he strongly believes in the concept of TEAMWORK - “Together Everyone Achieves More”, which directly attributes to SUCCESS.