The advent of streaming TV is reshaping the cable industry. It is slowly dripping video subscribers with several online TV alternatives. The cable industry is undergoing a seismic shift. The pace of technological change is accelerating so quickly that finding the right balance between current operational challenges and future becomes a struggle.

The main challenges faced by Cable MSOs are managing their business operations and integrating the technological advancements into the product offerings. To overcome these and compete with various other platform providers, they require an automated SMS, Billing and CRM solution that enables them to manage their end to end operations efficiently.

Ezycable remarkably optimizes the customer experience by automating all the business processes using the modules available in the system such as prospect Management, Trouble Ticket Management, Work Force Management, Subscriber Web self-care, customer 360-degree view.

Product highlights

  • Supports multi-play offering
  • Extensive packaging including al-carte and bouquets
  • Supports both prepaid and postpaid billing
  • Enables online payments
  • Inventory management & tracking for MSOs / LCOs
  • LCO billing
  • LCO credit limit management
  • Provision of LCO Portal for efficient LCO/LMO management
  • Multiple real-time reports
  • Self-care portal
  • Providing Mobile application for the field agents to handle on-field operations productively
  • Pre-integrated with all leading CAS and open to integrate with new CAS
  • Supports On-premise and Hosted deployment models